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ZEM technology is the product of years of research and development by a renowned authority in auditory research, Dr. Jozef Zwislocki, distinguished Professor Emeritus at Syracuse University.

The ZEM works by directing sound away from the ears. Sonically sealed chambers act as an extension of the ear canal. They form a vacuum that pulls harmful sounds away from the sensitive ear anatomy.

Sound is uniformly reduced. Because sound (including the varying frequencies in the spoken word) is evenly reduced, the ability to understand speech in a noisy environment is fully maximized. And at the highest, most harmful frequencies, even greater noise reduction is achieved.

Safety is increased. Because the ZEM produces uniformity, conversation and other vital hearing functions are made easier. The ZEM reduces low–frequency noise, the noise that masks speech and other important sounds or alerts. In other words, you hear everything you need to, while your ears get better protection than they’ve ever had before.


* NRR 26
* No occlusion or echo effect
* Designed for improved inner ear hygiene
* Light weight at less than 2 ounces
* Compact for easy storage
* Easy to use
* No batteries required

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