Nieto N1N Pig Sticker 20cm Black Micarta Knife


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Widely copied but never equalled, the Nieto Pig Sticker is the original dogger’s knife and still the best. This razor sharp, bombproof knife is the best value on the market in a dedicated pig sticking knife. 

Developed exclusively for Aussie hunters in conjunction with Nieto’s custom knifesmiths as a dedicated pig hunting knife. The 4mm 440 stainless full tang blade with high density triple riveted scales makes it virtually unbreakable.

The double hand guard design in conjunction with a long tapered drop point blade ensures it performs flawlessly when the action gets fast and furious. A well-fitting and sturdy genuine leather sheath rounds out the whole package nicely. 


Model: Nieto Pigsticker
Blade: 4mm Full Tang 440 Stainless
Handle: Black Micarta
Blade Length: 8.5 inches (210mm)
Overall Length: 13.75 inches (350mm)
Weight: 335g

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