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The Hyper Pod 2 is an intuitive design which was developed to combine the capabilities of the bipod, monopod, walking stick and the tripod. The Hyper Pod 2 can aid a shooter in 4 main field hunting positions, which are prone, sitting, kneeling and standing. All positions have their benefits, see hunting position manuals for more info on these positions. Any experienced hunter knows hunting is very different to target practice, the body gets tired, the nerves kick in, the heart beats harder, and breathing is so important. Not to mention natures elements are against you, whether it’s cold, hot, windy, foggy, raining or even ice, it adds to the difficulty of taking the final shot. That’s where Hyper Pod 2 comes in. The Hyper Pod 2 has been specifically designed for such occasions.

Hyper Pod 2 specializes in the following:

1. Portability: With the combination of an extremely light and strong carbon fibre pole, and anodized alloy parts, it helps the hunter trek to find his target with ease. The hunter can also opt to store the pole on the firearm, where it tucks in under the arm and out of the way

2. Accuracy aid: The use of a bipod on the base eliminates the problematic wobble you would find in monopods. However, the use of one pole also defeats the portability issue you will experience with tripods. Thus the ideal combination we have put together creates the right amount of accurate support you need as well as keeping the unit very portable and light

3. Position Options: All hunters know terrain can be tough. When challenged with sloping terrain, or high grass, steep inclines or declines, side shots on a slope, or across a valley when on a decline, we know these shots are tough, the Hyper Pod 2 can assist a nice accurate shot in all these situations. You can choose to lay prone, sit, kneel, or stand to get the shot off, there is no position or terrain the Hyper Pod 2 cannot handle

4. Extras: See the bipod listing, and weaver rail listing for details on how handy these items are, which are all included in your Hyper Pod 2 package


1 x Weaver rail mount
1 x direct screw
1 x clamp screw (the user may select the suitable screw to use from the two screws supplied)
1 x Quick release carbon fibre pole which comes with a dual pivot clamp
1 x Quick release tactical style bipod with rubber feet
1 x Rubber foot attachment

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