CCI 22WMR GamePoint 35GN A22 2100FPS (200)


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The new CCI A22 Magnum gets the most performance possible from the venerable 22 WMR cartridge. The light, 35-grain bullet boosts speed, while its GamePoint design expands like a big game bullet on impact, maximising terminal effects. CCI enhanced the round even further by building it around the new A22 Magnum semi-automatic rifle from Savage.

The rifle’s action, thread-in headspace system and AccuTrigger allow for the ultimate 22 WMR reliability and accuracy. A22 ammunition also provides precise, consistent performance with other rifles chambered in 22 WMR. Features: Built around the Savage A22 Magnum semi-automatic rifle GamePoint bullet expands reliably for maximum terminal effect 35-grain bullet weight yields a 2100 fps muzzle velocity Reliable cycling and excellent accuracy Superior CCI brass and priming

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