CCI Ammunition Velocitor 22 Long Rifle 40GN Plate Lead Hollow Point (50)


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CCI has been loading rimfire ammunition since 1962 and is known in the shooting sports as a one of the leaders in rimfire ammunition. CCI has made a reputation for delivering reliable ammunition that delivers exceptional performance time after time. 

CCI Velocitor ammunition is ideal for small game hunting and general plinking. Velocitor provides controlled expansion and high velocity producing excellent stopping power on small game animals, varmints and even larger pests such as coyotes. Loaded with CCI priming compounds, Velocitor ammunition generates 22% more energy than other hollow point rounds. Velocitor ammunition is loaded with a copper plated hollow point bullet which is known for almost 100% weight retention. It’s new production and non-corrosive. 

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* Caliber: 22 Long Rifle
* Bullet Weight: 40 Grains
* Bullet Style: Plated Lead Hollow Point

Ballistics Information: 

* Muzzle Velocity: 1435 fps
* Velocity Rating: Hyper Velocity
* Muzzle Energy: 183 ft. lbs.

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