H&N .177 Sample Air Pellet Pack


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This sample pack is an excellent option when buying a new air gun. You can test out which pellet type works best with your air gun. These pellets provide best performace when used in air guns with at least 12 foot-lbs. of muzzle energy. The following recommendations have been provided by Haendler & Natermann:
  • Crow Magnum pellets are meant for medium ranges and have a flat trajectory.
  • Silver Point pellets are for medium ranges and offer higher impact and penetration.
  • Baracuda Power pellets are exceptionally accurate and ideal for long-range hunting and shooting.
  • Baracuda Hunter pellets also have exceptional accuracy and are hollowpoint. They’ll perform well for hunting and pest elimination.
  • Field Target Trophy pellets have a flat trajectory, are useful for medium ranges and offer superior accuracy.
  • Field Target Trophy Green pellets are lead-free and will deliver higher velocities due to their light weight.
Calibre- .177
Quantity: 215 Count
Sample Pack: 6 Varieties
  • (35) H&N Crow Magnum pellets
  • (30) H&N Silver Point pellets
  • (35) H&N Baracuda Power (copper-coated) pellets
  • (35) H&N Baracuda Hunter pellets
  • (40) H&N Field Target Trophy pellets
  • (40) H&N Field Target Trophy Green (lead-free) pellets

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