Norma Ammunition American PH 375 H&H Magnum 300GN SAF (20)


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**Dangerous Goods – Pick-Up Only**

Norma Precision, that defines the quality of components and loading selected for Norma’s American PH line-up.

Production at Norma starts with the highest quality brass cases available in the industry, combines that with Norma powder and bullets specifically selected for North American big game!

Norma’s tried and true Oryx bonded bullet’for max penetration and near 100% weight retention. To insure perfect mushrooming, the Oryx has a thin forward Jacket with internal splitting zones and a thicker rear jacket to insure high residual weight after impact.The Oryx has rapid expansion, excellent penetration and high energy transfer. Perfect for the North American Big Game hunter! 

The lead free Kalahari’a lighter bullet that is designed with higher velocities for a fl atter long range trajectory. Loaded under the strictest standards , this unique bullet is loaded with selected lots of powder to insure the highest velocity for fl atter trajectory. It has the highest ballistic coefficient possible and lowest wind drift achievable. Bullet expansion is controlled and restricted to insure maximum wounding effect and guaranteeing
deep penetration. Kalahari sets the standard for ammunition used where challenging environments and long shots are required!

Norma Precision’the right ammunition for the Professional Hunter.


* Bullet Type Swift A-Frame
* Bullet Weight 300GN
* Ballistic Coefficient 0.325

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