5.11 A.T.A.C. Gloves (59353)


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Tough jobs require tough tools. For protection from serious bumps and bangs and rough surfaces, the A.T.A.C.™ is your hand’s best friend. Even though we built in lots of protective padding for fingers, knuckles, thumb, and wrist bone, you will be amazed at the high level of dexterity and control the A.T.A.C.™ provides. We even scaled the exoskeleton toward the end of the trigger fingers so you can confidently handle firearms. Fit and comfort are high priorities too so we made the back panel with stretch nylon so the glove moves with you instead of impeding your movements, and our Tactical Touch™ seamless fingertip gives you the best control possible. Rugged Duraclad reinforced palm and fingers defend your hands and extend the life of the gloves. When they call out the big guns, be sure you have your A.T.A.C.™ gloves too.

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