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Mastering the Mental Game is a DVD containing more than two hours of a live lecture given by world-class shooter and coach, Saul Kirsch, in Årjäng, Sweden.

In this presentation, Saul explains some of the more difficult, critical aspects of the mental side of Practical Pistol Shooting. In his friendly and easily understood style, he brings clarity to complex topics, such as:

The Mental Process of Peak Performance

In this section Saul analyses the basic thought process that governs our every action and is essential to achieving success under pressure; how the Conscious, Subconscious and Self-Image interact with one another to influence the outcome of our match performance. Saul explains how each element can be improved and developed to achieve a better competition result.

Managing Match Stress

As someone who has experienced match stress first hand, Saul teaches how to meet the pressure head on and triumph over your fears and doubts. He shares some proven techniques which will allow you to lower or raise your stress level, as needed, to keep you in your “zone of peak performance”.

Stage Visualisation and Tactics

Building on the previous topics, Saul shares his techniques on stage preparation, visualisation routines, and tactics. He explains how to recognise the tactical options on a stage, weigh the alternatives and choose the best solution for you. Saul includes examples of his personal tactical experiences in major matches around the world, and teaches as only one who has “been there and done that” can.

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