Extreme Life Gun Protection CLP-X Corrosion and Rust Preventative


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NanoGuard® Extremelife® CLP-X is a unique, patented, inorganic high-performance, multi-layered, spherical shaped fullerene-like tungsten disulfide nanoparticle that redefines gun and armament lubrication technology.

The nanoparticles offer extreme anti-friction, heat reduction, anti-wear, metal surface reconditioning properties as well as providing extreme pressure protection.

We have combined the NanoGuard® tungsten disulfide nanoparticles into the Extremelife® fortified formula which is a highly penetrative, anti-corrosion and moisture repelling, hydrophobic nano-coating. It easily penetrates carbon residue, making arms cleaning easier.


* Works in all seasons and environments hot or cold, wet or dry.
* On all equipment from light to heavy arms including projectiles.
* Temperature range ws2 -273°C to 650°C(-460°F to 1,200°F).
* Safe to use on polymers, plastics & dressed timbers. Repels water, moisture & is hydrophobic.
* The Nanoguard Extremelife fortified formulation contains a unique new globally patented spherical tungsten
nanotechnology able to withstand 100,000 PSI .
* The nanoparticles penetrate the surface of metal, producing an ultra-low friction durable protective nano-barrier.
that significantly reduces corrosion, heat & extends armaments life.

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