Eemann Tech CZ Tactical Sport Upgrade Kit


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The Eemann Tech Upgrade Kit is made for the most popular competition pistol in the world – CZ 75 Tactical Sport and is used predominantly for IPSC, USPSA & any action sports.

All factory pistols are set up to pass stringent tests with a multitude of ammunition hence the heavy springs and factory parts.

The most popular pistol, the CZ 75 Tactical Sport is already made for competition-ready mode, but it’s always possible to improve the trigger group and other functions of your competition gun.

The upgrade kit has all the needed drop-in parts to upgrade your pistol from the box to full competition mode, without any major changes required to your platform.

Eemann Tech Upgrade Kit for CZ 75 TS contains:-

  • 1 x Recoil Spring for CZ 9lbs
  • 1 x Main Spring for CZ 8 lbs
  • 1 x Competition Trigger Spring for CZ 75 Tactical Sport
  • 1 x Competition Firing Pin Spring for CZ
  • 1 x Competition Sear Spring for CZ 75
  • 1 x Steel Guide Rod for CZ 75 Tactical Sport
  • 1 x Competition Buffer for CZ 75 Tactical Sport
  • 1 x Trigger for CZ, Straight, Serrated, Black
  • 1 x Competition Trigger Pin for CZ
  • 1 x HEX Key 1.5mm L-Shaped

Compatible with:-

  • CZ 75 Tactical Sport
  • CZ 75 Tactical Sport Orange

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