HIVIZ Colt 1911 Fibre Optic Front Sight (CT2009)


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HIVIZ front sights are machined from solid steel and feature fibre optic LitePipe inserts for increased visibility and faster sight acquisition in all conditions. Includes 6 interchangeable lite pipes.

Designed for Colt 1911 models with wide tenon front sights. 

Technical Information

  • Steel Construction
  • 6 interchangeable lite pipes
  • Height: 0.180″
  • Width: 0.125″


  • Height measurement is from the top of the sight blade to the bottom, not including the tenon portion of the sight
  • Gunsmith installation is recommended by HIVIZ. The dovetail portion of the sight is slightly oversized to allow for variance between firearms and fitting will be necessary.
  • Use of a sight staking tool is necessary for installation

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