CZ P10 Theta Trigger


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The Theta trigger for the CZ P10 is a flat faced trigger that reduces pre-travel take up by 4mm with respect to the factory trigger. There are no adjustable screws or failure points, the pre-travel reduction is achieved through solid geometry that is machined into the body of the trigger. Our P10 Theta trigger kit also allows the user to tune the trigger pull weight by using the either of the included -10% or -15% striker springs. Our trigger fits all Sub-Compact (P10S), Compact (P10C), and Full Size (P10F) models, including the P10F 45ACP variant.

When compared to other firearms in it’s class, the CZ P10 really does have a great trigger out of the box. It breaks clean with about 4.25-5.25lbs weight. However, if you are looking to remove the pre-travel take up, and/or drop the weight down by -10% to -15%, then our P10 Theta trigger kit is for you. Our triggers are precision machined from billet aluminum, available in several colors, and of course all components made in the USA.

* Flat Trigger with 4mm Reduction in Pre-Travel Take Up
* Includes -10% and -15% Reduced Weight Striker Springs
* Fits ALL CZ-UB and CZ-USA P10 models (incl. P10S, P10C, P10F, P10F 45ACP)
* Machined Aluminum 6061-T6
* Made in USA, Drop In Replacement

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