Savage Arms A22R Pro Varmint Rifle 22LR


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Savage’s new A22R Repeater is the most convenient and easy to use rimfire rifle on the market. The A22R Repeater combines modern ergonomics with a handy repeating action that is intuitive and simple to use, leaving you free to concentrate on your target not on the rifle.

The Pro Varmint model steps up the performance with a Boyds Pro Varmint stock providing superior handling and ergonomics as well as an extremely stable platform for the heavy varmint weight barrel. The addition of a one-piece Picatinny rail provides a variety of easy mounting options for optics. 
Savage’s A22 series has a well deserved reputation for tack-driving accuracy and for good reason.

The unique zero-tolerance headspacing design mates the barrel to the action with a barrel locknut just like on the centrefire models. This allows headspace to be set exactly to minimum with zero tolerance on every individual firearm, resulting in superb accuracy. 

NIOA has successfully tested this rifle with CCI Subsonic 40gr HP (C56) 22LR ammunition and it has proven to still function and cycle reliably with this relatively low velocity ammunition. 

The A22R’s accuracy, reliability and light weight make it an ideal option for a variety of rimfire roles, including small-game hunting, target shooting and casual plinking. Features 


* Calibre: 22LR
* Latching repeater action
* Boyds Pro Varmint stock
* One-piece Picatinny rail
* Heavy varmint barrel
* 10-round rotary magazine
* Zero-tolerance headspace system
* Comfortable wide trigger shoe
* Barrel Length: 20″
* Weight: 7.1lbs(3.22kg)

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