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High Quality Extra Long Firing Pin for all Tanfoglio / EAA Models. Available for both Small and Large Frame Models. This performance firing pin designed for competition and reliability is the lightest, fastest firing pin available for the Tanfoglio pistols and weighs 35% less than the factory pin.

It is made out of 420 Stainless steel and has a Rockwell hardening of 50! It eliminates light strikes and allows for use of light hammer springs. Combine with a Wolff 13lb, 14lb or 15lb hammer spring for a lighter trigger pull, yet 100% ignition. If you like to use Rifle Primers, you have to use this long firing pin to set them off.

This firing pin replaces the factory pin and ensures 100% ignition and faster locking time. Fits all small frame models. Overall length = 2.480″. It is 0.025″ effective length longer than factory and doesn’t chip like the factory does. Designed to work with Stock II Double Action models. Also works for Single Action models.


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