Uncle Mike’s Sling Swivel Stud 115 B Set


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Contain 1 each 7/8″ machine screw and nut for the forend and 3/4″ wood screw for the buttstock. Made from carbon steel and blued. Comes complete with white spacers.

Items Included:

  • One 10/32×7/8″ Machine Screw Fore End Base with Nut
  • One 3/4″ Wood Screw Rear Base


  • Fits most woodstocked bolt action rifles
  • Accepts all Uncle Mike brand Super Swivels
  • Installation instructions included
  • Machine Screw Fore End base and nut allows for installation on thicker stocks as well as allows mounting in the fore end of most synthetic stocks where not enough material is present for wood screws to make a solid hold (excess of machine screw may have to be removed before barrelled action can be placed in the stock)

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