Leupold QRW Remington 541 2 Piece Scope Base Gloss


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The strength of cross-slot mounting combined with Leupold quality, plus the added convenience of quick release levers. With the rings split at an angle, below the centerline, it’s easy to tighten the TORX head screws evenly without causing the scope to “roll” in the rings. Spring-loaded, adjustable levers can be moved so both rest at the same angle after tightening.


* Steel, powder-coated finish.
* Rings sold in pairs.
* Ring heights measured from top of base to center of ring:

1″ Low – .750″ (19.1mm)
1″ Medium – .880″ (22.4mm)
1″ High – 1.000″ (25.4mm)

30mm Low – .840″ (21.3mm)
30mm Medium – .970″; (24.6mm)
30mm High – 1.090″ (27.7mm)

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