Frankford Arsenal Powder Funnel with 16 Nozzles and 4″ Drop Tube


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The Frankford Arsenal Powder Funnel has been meticulously designed with an innovative system of caliber-specific nozzles. Each snap-in nozzle fits a specific family of calibers. The precise alignment of case and funnel is so well-balanced that it doesn’t need to be supported while pouring powder. The drop tube extension guarantees one-pour loading of even the largest calibers.



* .17 caliber
.22 caliber
.25 caliber
6.5-.270 caliber
.30-.32 caliber
8mm-.338 caliber
9mm/.38 caliber
.375 caliber
10mm/.40 caliber
.41 caliber
.44 caliber
.45 caliber
Universal .22-.30 caliber
Universal .30-.50 caliber

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