Woodleigh Bullets 270WIN 150GN Weldcore Protected Point (50)


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Woodleigh Protected Point bullets are Australian made hunting bullets with a reputation for quality and performance on all types of game. All Woodleigh bullets are field tested on a variety of game ranging from goats to elephants. Woodleigh’s protected point are a premium conventional controlled expansion bullet that gains its toughness through core bonding. Protected Pointbullets feature a soft lead core with six internal grooves that allow for reliable expansion. The nose of the bullet is more of a spire point than a round nose and a minimal amount of lead is shown which protects the nose of the bullet from deformation under recoil in the magazine of bolt action rifles.

The Protected Point bullet has been tested on a variety of game of all sizes and each time it produces consistent and devastating results. Weldcore jackets are made from 90/10 gilding metal (90% copper: 10% zinc) 1.6mm thick. All jackets are made by deep drawing through several processes and are specifically profiled internally for optimum jacket wall taper. This gives them the feature of reliable controlled expansion at various impact velocities. Maximum retained weight is obtained by fusing the pure lead to the gilding metal jacket. This minimizes fragmentation of the nose section as it mushrooms, so that deep penetration for rapid and humane killing of tough animals is obtained.

Technical Information

* Caliber: 270 Winchester
Bullet Diameter: 0.277
Bullet Weight: 150 Grains
Bullet Length: 1.209″
Bullet Style: Weldcore Protected Round Point
Bullet Coating: Non-coated

Ballistics Information: 
* Sectional Density: 0.279
* Ballistic Coefficient: 0.463

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