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The Race Master Holster utilizes an efficient and easy system to allow shooters to switch their holster from one gun type to another by means of changing the Insert Block Assembly. This switch is fast and easy and can be done in under 2 minutes, and without loosing any of the holster’s adjustments or settings.

The Insert Block Assembly includes: 1. The Locking Block (gun specific) 2. The Sliding Lock, assembled (gun specific) 3. The safety lever, assembled.

This assembly does not include the stainless steel tension adjustment screw, spring and plate, which you must transfer over from your Race Master holster and use with the 2nd Insert Block Assembly.

Insert Block Replacement Instructions

Make sure your Insert Block Assembly is suited to the gun type you are using (it is marked on the front face of the block). If it is not, the holster does not function properly.

To remove the Insert Block Assembly (4), first unscrew completely the Tension Adjustment Screw (14) and remove it from the holster. It extracts with the Tension Spring (19) on it. Then, using the supplied 2.5 mm key, remove the two Insert Assembly Screws (12). Now you can slide the Insert Block Assembly (4) forward and out of the Holster Body (5). It may be a tight fit, so some wiggling may be required.

When using a second insert, you will need to use your original Tension Adjustment Screw (14), Tension Spring (19), and Pressure Plate (18). Take care not to lose these small parts in the assembly process. Position the Pressure Plate (18) as shown in the picture. This part is directional, so make sure that the round indent (dimple) is above the center hole and facing outwards. Hold the assembly horizontal (so the Pressure Plate does not slide out of position) and push the new Insert Block Assembly (4) into the Holster Body (5). Use the tip of a hex key to ensure the Pressure Plate (18) is aligned correctly so that the Tension Adjustment Screw (14) is inserted through its center hole, allowing the spring to press on top of it. Tighten the Tension Adjustment Screw (14) until it catches in the nut inserted on the opposite side of the Insert Block Assembly (4).

Replace and tighten the two Insert Assembly Screws (12) to lock the new insert into place. Using the External Activation Lever (13), slide the Insert Slide Lock (17) up and down a few times to ensure it is moving as it should. In the down position, you should be able to engage the Safety Lever (10).

That’s it, you’re done and ready to use your holster with the new gun type.


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