Wheeler Screwdriver Set Spacesaver 30 Pieces


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Space saver gunsmithing screwdriver set.

Less than half the size of comparable gunsmithing screwdriver sets! The Wheeler Space Saver Gunsmithing Screwdriver Set takes up very little space on your bench but contains a durable and comprehensive set of 26 bits chosen to meet most of your gunsmithing needs. Includes a selection of the same high-quality bits found in the Professional Gunsmithing Screwdriver Sets. It’s also the perfect size to include on your trips to the range and the field.

Key Features:-

* Included with the standard, Phillips, hex, and Torx bits is a 2″ long #2 Phillips bit which is ideal for recoil pad installation, and a hex-to-square conversion bit which allows you to use 1/4″ square drive sockets and other attachments
* Perfectly sized magnetic handle for gunsmithing needs
* Comfortable over moulded plastic handle.

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